Secret Forest 36 x 48

Secret Forest 36W x 48H

Charlotte 30W x 60H 2015

Charlotte 30W x 60H

Bubbles at Riviera Maya Beach 30W x 40H

Bubbles at Riviera Maya 30W x 40H

Passagio 36 x 48 _2017

Passagio 36W x 48H Private collection

The Tree of knowledge 60 x 60 _ 2017 lshand

The Tree of knowledge 60W x 60H

Dharma Wheel 48W x 48H _2017

Dharma Wheel 48W x 48H

Waterfall in Dominican Republic 30W x 48H small

Waterfall in Dominican Repulic 30W x 48H

Gaia 60 x 60 _ 2016

Gaia 60W x 60H

Magical creek Oil _30W x 40L_WB

Magical creek 30W x 40H