Shand's colorful paintings reflect the mysterious side of the human experience and depict nature's beauty through sensuous movements and carry within them a vibrant spirit


Shand is also very involved in the therapeutic value and effect of art that can help people fee better in any public place or private home. ''Therapeutic Art''.



Lynne Shand was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1967. She studied advertising and marketing at the University of Montreal in 1994, took Art classes at Saidi-Bronfman art center in 1997 . Advertising provided her with the artistic and creative outlet that had animated her since childhood. Both her academic and work training as a Project and Marketing Director gave her a renewed vigor as well as a marked taste for bright and flamboyant colors.



Her style is inspired by Art Nouveau with a fauvism twist that has vivid expressionistic and non-naturalistic use of color.  She also finds inspiration in both spiritual movements and physics theories, such as the latest entanglement theories in physics that ‘’all is one’’. She believes that everything is connected. ‘’Oneness’’.  The oneness of man and nature.



Shand defines her art as Ecological Art. EcoArt is created to inspire care and respect, stimulate dialogue, and encourage the long-term flourishing of the social and natural environments in which we live.



Shand wants to contribute to a better understanding of the delicate equilibrium between humans and nature.





From Monday to Friday from 9h00 am to 5h00 pm Eastern Time.

Tel.:  514-808-6869


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